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Our Story

The GAS Arabian Services story is about getting things done, whatever difficulties stand in the way.

Our company has humble origins. In 1992, we began in a small office in Dammam with a staff of just four. A generation later, we’ve grown to five divisions and ten joint ventures, employing over 700 highly skilled employees across the KSA.

When the 2006-2009 economic crisis presented new challenges, GAS Arabian Services doubled down, reinvesting, diversifying and growing in size. Where others saw limits, we saw opportunities to evolve and improve.

Our growth has been driven and supported by relationships with world-leading international suppliers, whose highly competitive products and technical know-how have helped us provide the precision, reliability and added value our clients demand.

We’re go-getters by heart, approaching every new challenge with the same passion and dedication that have brought us this far.

What We Do

GAS Arabian Services offers comprehensive answers to the many operational challenges faced by the oil & gas, petrochemical, electrical, steel, water & desalination, and mining industries in Saudi Arabia.

Our international network offers clients the very best products and services in automation, instrumentation, field services, mechanical, piping & static, and project management. Our diverse, highly experienced workforce of technicians, millwrights and engineers supports LSTK projects from start to finish, offering unrivalled, integrated support to major industrial clients.

Our Mission

To conceive and deliver full-spectrum, customized solutions for our clients, helping them thrive through exceptional products, services and specialized labor.

Our Vision

To drive industrial success in our region through superior dedication, dynamic partnerships and innovative thinking, enhancing our country’s capabilities on the world stage.

Our Core Values


We are open to change and new ideas, welcoming improvement in all areas.


We fulfill our promises, meeting the standards and timelines our clients expect.


We are a diverse workforce whose different skill sets give us collective strength.


We love what we do and this fuels our total commitment.


We abide by the highest ethical standards, and always take responsibility for our actions.


We value our coworkers, clients and partners, knowing when to listen, give credit, and offer honest and constructive feedback.

Vision 2030 / Localization

Shoulder to Shoulder
with Vision 2030

GAS Arabian Services is proudly committed to the nation’s long-term goals as set out in Vision 2030.

As the country diversifies its economy, we’re right there at its side, sourcing innovative products and services to help grow our national capabilities.

Committed to

When you partner with GAS Arabian Services, you know you’re helping our country grow and develop. The IKTVA (In Kingdom Total Value Add) system rates Saudi companies based on their contribution to developing our national economy and capabilities.

Our IKTVA score is among the highest in the KSA, based on the many Saudi-based goods and services we buy, sell and enlist, and Saudi workers employed.

We established local facilities for all our manufacturing & services joint ventures, while applying an ERP system that centralizes procurement, ensuring local manufacturers and suppliers get preference for orders.

In these ways, we’re continually creating new Saudi jobs and opportunities.

A Message from
the Chairman

For over 25 years, GAS Arabian Services has been a vital, trusted ally to big industry in Saudi Arabia. We’ve built a nation-wide reputation as real-world problem solvers, offering integrated solutions to complex production challenges in oil & gas, petrochemical, electrical, steel, water & desalination and mining industries.

Clients know they can depend on our knowledgeable support team to find customized answers to any challenge they face on the ground. Our products and services meet the toughest criteria – they’re safe, up to date, cost effective and always of the highest quality.

Our greatest strength is our global network of partnerships. We only work with the very best, collaboration with world-class suppliers to source precision-crafted devices in automation, instrumentation, field services, mechanics and piping that will make a critical difference.

Our commitment to quality and best business practices has given us a leading position in a highly competitive market. And we’re not done yet – we’ll continue to grow and improve, finding new ways to offer more and make a bigger contribution across multiple sectors.

We’re perfectionists at heart. Like our clients, we expect excellence and work hard to achieve the high standards we set for ourselves. With a hunger to be the best, and with gratitude to the clients and partners who have brought us so far, we look forward to a future full of new possibilities.

Abdulrahman K. AlDabal